Indianapolis Business Journal

OCTOBER 11-17, 2010

This week, see how The Finish Line is trying to meet customers' demands and find out who won IBJ's Michael A. Carroll Award for public service. In Focus, read about the inroads IPL CEO Ann Murtlow has made in a male-dominated field. And in A&E, find out which screenings are worth catching at this year's Heartland Film Festival—and watch some trailers.

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Downtown praised for ‘livability’ but needs more residents

The past decade has seen roughly 5,000 more residents living downtown than in 2000, wooed by new condos and apartments within walking distance of growing retail and cultural attractions. There are now 25,000 downtown residents—but still a long way from the 40,000 city leaders want by the end of the next decade.

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Health care reform boosts business for consultants

John Gause has grown the size of his benefits brokerage and consulting firm by more than half this year for one big reason: health care reform. He needs more hands on deck because his clients–employers–are facing a raft of new regulations with which they must comply.

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Award winner Boehm defines public service

Although Ted Boehm, who clerked for U.S. Chief Justice Earl Warren and served 14 years on the Indiana Supreme Court, has collected a lifetime of recognition, winning the Michael A. Carroll Award for his public service to Indianapolis is “something special” to him because Carroll was an admired friend.

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MARCUS: Dirty toilets signal mismanagement

Most people take toilets seriously. A dirty toilet is an affront to people who care about themselves, their families and their fellow citizens. Management can always blame the users of the toilets for persistent filth and disarray, but ultimately it’s management’s responsibility.

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WILLIAMS: Rebuilding a sustainable Indianapolis

Rather than simply building and repairing streets, sidewalks, bridges and parks, ratepayers and taxpayers should demand that these projects set standards for construction in Indianapolis by reusing or recycling materials, using environmentally friendly products, and designing public spaces to encourage physical activity.

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Some examples of gutlessness

Morton Marcus is right when he says [in the Sept. 13 issue], “Gutless government avoids political risk.” I just differ with him on which items on the list of government activities, or lack thereof, constitute such “gutlessness.”

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Online shopping isn’t the problem

It is disingenuous of Indiana lawmakers to claim low Internet taxation puts some firms at a competitive disadvantage when their goal is likely just to bring in more tax revenue, not level the playing field.

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Consultants: Pharma industry facing huge changes

Heitzman_WatchVideoTo date, most analysts say health reform turned out pretty well for the pharmaceutical industry. But a detailed analysis by Deloitte Consulting says the indirect effects of reform will deliver a gut punch to the industry that will lead to full-scale transformation akin to what the telecommunications world has seen over the past three decades.

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