Indianapolis Business Journal

OCTOBER 5-11, 2015

Behind closed doors, Gov. Mike Pence and a close group of advisers are searching for a solution to a controversy that could threaten his re-election. Hayleigh Colombo reports on efforts to avoid another ugly debate on LGBT rights and find a compromise amenable to all sides. Also in this week’s issue, J.K. Wall explains how the push to unionize nurses at IU Health’s downtown facilities has stalled. And in A&E Etc., Lou Harry tries to bust out of downtown’s new Escape Room.

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Farm family near Grand Park adapted to encroaching development

Craig Wood has spent most of his 60 years on 191st Street in Westfield, living and working on his family farm. For most of that time, the adjacent land has been other houses and farm fields, but that all changed on Nov. 18, 2011, when construction on Grand Park Sports Campus began.

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Hospitals back on construction spree

Health care providers say they can’t attract patients tomorrow with facilities from yesterday. So they are scrambling to erect new structures that are more convenient.

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Applications to Marian medical school keep rising

health care paul evans marian watch videoWith the number of applications to Marian’s College of Osteopathic Medicine running twice as high as initially expected, school leaders say they are confident Marian can help reduce a looming physician shortage in Indiana.

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MADDOX: Presidential election all about the Supremes

When it comes to raw D.C. power and impact on our day-to-day lives, the most important question in next year’s presidential election is, who will have the power to appoint the next wave of Supreme Court justices for potentially the next eight years?

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Improve, don’t destroy assessment system

How Indiana commercial property should be assessed is being debated as a result of the “big-box” decisions from the Indiana Board of Tax Review. Any angst should not be directed at the IBTR—it was simply doing its job and applying the law.

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