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Local developer Keystone Group is nearing a deal to buy the 20-story AT&T building just north of Monument Circle and is considering a range of possibilities for the half-million-square-foot property. Scott Olson examines the challenges that vexed its current owner. Also in this week’s issue, Susan Orr reports that more than 20 companies in Indiana are contributing to NASA’s effort to send people to Mars. And in our Meeting and Event Planning Guide, Anthony Schoettle explains how the glitz and glam of high production values have become essential to conventions and expos.

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EDITORIAL: Cook dealmaking puts community first

Many firms based across the country take corporate citizenship seriously. But it’s human nature for executives of those firms to put the best jobs—and to show the greatest corporate engagement—in their headquarters towns.

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LETTER: Keep tiny house parked

Tiny houses should stay in your back yard, at the lake or in the woods where they can be enjoyed, not being hauled around wasting more resources than were saved creating them.

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