Indianapolis Business Journal

SEPTEMBER 7-13, 2015

USA Funds’ business is dying. But the Fishers-based not-for-profit with nearly $600 million in annual revenue is determined to find new life doing what it’s always done—helping students pay for college degrees. J.K. Wall has the story. Also in this issue, Scott Olson reports that a Missouri developer wants to build a $10 million senior living center on one of 86th Street’s most trafficked intersections. And Lou Harry presents his annual Arts & Entertainment Season Preview, with more than 125 critic’s picks.

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SmarterHQ gobbles up venture funds

SmarterHQ, an Indianapolis software firm, is quietly becoming one of the area’s top destinations for venture capital, fueled by surging sales for its personalized marketing software.

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ae preview cover 201502016

2015-2016 A&E Season Preview

A seasoned arts-goer? Someone returning after a hiatus? An adventurer looking to try something new? Here are more than 125 events that could get you excited about the season.

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EDITORIAL: Let BlueIndy prove itself

That won’t be a panacea. Users must have a driver’s license and a credit card—two things often absent in low-income homes—to access the program. But BlueIndy creates one more option in a city with too few.

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Ends and means—BlueIndy edition

In my classes, one of the things I emphasize to my students is the importance of process. The way in which you achieve a goal is often just as important—sometimes even more important—than the goal itself. This is, of course, a core precept of the rule of law. There are plenty of examples: efforts to […]

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SKARBECK: ‘Conservative’ strategies can lead investors astray

What does it mean to be a conservative investor? Most of us would describe ourselves as conservative, which usually means we don’t want to take risks that will lose money. Yet in certain circumstances, investors might believe they are taking a conservative approach, only to discover they were exposed to unforeseen risks. Investors in oil […]

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Media lack evidence that LGBT measures bring jobs

IBJ’s front-page article flies directly in the face of these business arguments. As quoted, the city of Indianapolis, which already has anti-discrimination protections for LGBT, has seen reductions in both high-tech jobs and highly educated workers. 

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Indianapolis-based HHGregg Inc. a specialty retailer of consumer electronics and home appliances, operates 227 stores in 20 states.

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