Recession has a domino effect on venture capital

Call it a trickle-down effect, but not the kind President Reagan would have liked. The recession has cost most institutional
investors, such as university endowments, about a quarter of their value. As a result, venture capitalists’ primary source
of funding has dried up. The implications for Hoosier entrepreneurship are stark.

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Federal stimulus trickles down

There’s a smorgasbord available for small businesses in the federal stimulus package. The trick is figuring out how to get a plate. Plenty of local experts are serving up access to the buffet. And some entrepreneurs are digging in. But others consider the
stimulus warmed-over leftovers.

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Proprietary developments withering from recession

Financing is the lifeblood of companies turning intellectual property into a product or service, but turbulent economic conditions
have made it increasingly difficult to raise cash from investors who are content to wait
out the storm by concentrating on their existing portfolios.

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