Cancer tools help Roche with Alzheimer’s drug

Treatments for central nervous system diseases have a huge potential payoff, analysts say. A hint of whether the gamble may pay off is due in the second half of this year, as Eli Lilly and Co. and Pfizer Inc. announce results for Alzheimer’s drugs that attack the same protein as Roche’s experimental drug.

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IU shrink explores mental health blood tests

Dr. Alexander B. Niculescu, a psychiatrist at the IU School of Medicine, has won a five-year, $1.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to hunt for the presence of certain proteins in the blood that would indicate that a patient suffers from a mood disorder, which afflicts one in five Americans.

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Wishard squeezes in more patients

Occupancy at Wishard Hospital was 98 percent before the recession and is still that high, and more people have been coming as inpatients and as mental health patients, forcing the hospital to come up with creative ways to handle the load.

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