Jeffrey Dukes & John Ketzenberger: Climate change solutions can be grown in Indiana

The groundswell of support for climate action can also be felt here in Indiana: More than half of Hoosiers now understand that human activity is a major cause of climate change, and nearly two in three registered voters say the state should play a major role in fighting it, according to recent polling conducted by The Nature Conservancy in Indiana.

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The Interview Issue: Jim Shella

WISH-TV political reporter Jim Shella has spent 40 years in the news business—most of it at the Indiana Statehouse—and 25 years as host of “Indiana Week in Review” on WFYI.

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Partying like it’s 2013

Even after the Great Recession and throughout the stubborn economic recovery, it’s getting harder to recall when Indiana’s fiscal house was a shambles.

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KETZENBERGER: How newspapers shot their own feet

Mr. Chapman lived across the street from my elementary school, in a ramshackle house behind the candy store. I’d seen him around, but never met him until I started to deliver the Auburn Evening Star along 15th Street.

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