Indianapolis Business Journal

APRIL 19-25, 2010

This week, find out what the Indiana Pacers would owe Indianapolis if the team's owners decide to move the franchise to another city and see what's next for the newly renamed Indiana Landmarks organization. In Focus, check out Carbon Motors' high-tech police car, which is chock full of bells and whistles--and take a walk around the prototype vehicle through an IBJ video. And in A&E, etc., Style columnist Gabrielle Poshadlo ruminates on designer knock-offs.

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Biglari’s comparisons to Buffett debated

Sardar Biglari has copied some of the trademarks of his investing idol, Warren Buffett, including a folksy annual letter to
shareholders. But Biglari is just starting his career and already is showing signs of taking a different approach than that
of the Oracle of Omaha.

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Carbon storage presents prickly trade-offs

Not only are utilities grappling with how to pull carbon from their coal-fired emissions, but they also crave certainty about
where to put the carbon. With minimal information available about Indiana’s deep subsurface , much remains to be done to determine
where and at what scale the practice could be deployed here.

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Senator should be strong, not ‘moderate’

So Mickey Maurer is not enthralled with the Republican field for the U.S. Senate. His answer [in his April 5 column] is some
home-grown “big-leaguer” who is a “moderate.” In other words, another Sen. Lugar. Ho-hum indeed!

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Study: Ditch reform, add public option

In poll after poll, calls for repealing the new health insurance law get strong support. But if the law were repealed, an
Indiana University survey released this week shows that Americans want a surprising thing in its place: a public option.

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