Indianapolis Business Journal

APRIL 27-MAY 3, 2015

Social-media analytics firm Geofeedia didn’t have a presence in Indianapolis until October, and now it has committed to hiring 300-plus workers for its local office and is contemplating moving its headquarters here from Chicago. Jared Council explains how the firm quickly took root in Indy. Also in this week’s issue, Kathleen McLaughlin reports on the reservoir of cash awaiting use for economic development in downtown’s TIF district. One critic calls it a “slush fund.” And in A&E Etc., Mike Lopresti visits Brad Stevens in Boston to get a read on the former Butler coach’s success with the Celtics.

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Geofeedia mulling moving HQ here

Chicago-based Geofeedia opened an Indianapolis office last December, which now hosts 26 of its 45 employees. It recently committed to adding 336 more Indiana workers by 2020 in an economic development deal with the state.

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REVIEW: High-quality art is at the heart of 21c Museum Hotel

What should we expect if plans go through for the conversion and expansion of the former city hall and state museum into a 21c Museum Hotel? Judging from a recent trip to the flagship 21c in Louisville, the answer is: an expansive venue housing a mind-expanding array of 21st century work. Also, an anchor for the downtown art scene. Plus, a top-tier (and free) tourist attraction.

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Stop forced annexations

Forced annexation in Indiana is heavily weighted in favor of cities and towns. In an involuntary annexation, landowners have two alternatives: Give in, or go to court.

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Media was maddening

The “madness” headline over Peter Rusthoven’s [April 13] column was perfect to describe the hysteria created by the Indianapolis Star regarding the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and its extreme one-sided coverage capped off by Mr. “I’m embarrassed to be from Indiana” Tully.

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