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JULY 18-24, 2016

It’s a troubling discovery for a city that stakes so much of its reputation on hospitality. A new report finds that the number of events at the Indiana Convention center and Lucas Oil Stadium—and the total attendance for those events—fell sharply in 2015. Anthony Schoettle huddles with tourism honchos to get to the bottom of the decline. Also in this week’s issue, Max Gabovitch examines the chances that Paul George’s stint on the Olympic team will pad his sponsorship earnings. And check out Fast 25—IBJ’s collection of profiles of the fastest-growing companies in the Indy area.

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New report exposes Indy convention soft spots

The annual report of the city’s Capital Improvement Board shows the number of events at the Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium—and the total attendance for those events—fell sharply from 2014 to 2015.

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Anthem, Express Scripts dispute comes down to pricing

The agreement by Indianapolis-based Anthem Inc. to sell its pharmacy-benefits arm to St. Louis-based Express Scripts for $4.7 billion has turned the companies at each other’s throats, culminating in a multibillion-dollar legal battle that began early this year.

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MERISOTIS: Talent + transit = access to opportunity

Beyond addressing Indianapolis’ urgent mobility challenges, perhaps the most powerful promise of mass transit is its capability to connect our residents to a successful future—a future where equity in opportunity will help fuel our city’s growth in the 21st century knowledge economy.

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Federal rules should trump state vaping law

Thank you for your recent article pointing out the absolute absurdity of the soon-to-be-enforced Indiana vaping regulation. This law needs repealed. The Indiana bill clearly states that our bill was to be enforced “in the absence of federal regulation.” There is now a clear federal regulation to be enacted as soon as Aug. 8. I […]

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State job-recruiting efforts are working well

Last month, economist Michael Hicks and the Ball State Center for Business and Economic Research released a study that is primarily focused on local economic development efforts. Yet several reports on the study, including IBJ’s “Ball State study: State too focused on landing ‘footloose’ jobs,” are clearly misguided. In the study, Hicks notes “Indiana is […]

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Enough with drive-by economic hubris

A recent report from the Ball State Center for Business and Economic Research on “footloose” companies and the apparent urgent need to focus on the economic development issue de jour—quality of place—was definitely over the top. There’s nothing wrong with focusing on quality of place as a solution for certain situations. But to characterize a […]

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Wanted: champions of technology policy

David Ford, the late senator from Hartford City, was a technology trailblazer at the Statehouse. Among his many accomplishments was passionately leading an agenda in the early 2000s that emphasized policies to help technology companies grow and succeed. Today, our state needs legislators to follow in Ford’s footsteps. According to the Indiana Economic Development Corp., […]

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