Indianapolis Business Journal

JULY 22-28, 2022

All of the newsgathering publications of IBJ Media have teamed up to produce the Indiana 250, a compendium of the most influential and impactful people in the state’s business, not-for-profit and civic communities. Also in this week’s issue of IBJ, John Russell reports that doctors and hospitals across the state face confusion and anxiety over how anticipated abortion legislation will affect their practices and the care they provide patients. And Mickey Shuey explains how Kite Realty Group Trust’s $2.8 billion merger with a competitor has changed the Indianapolis-based retail real estate company.

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Nate Feltman: Meet 250 people who make our state great

The Indiana 250 celebrates the work of Hoosiers who are making a significant impact on their communities. Honorees come primarily from the business community, but also from not-for-profits, government (not including current elected officials, who were excluded), philanthropy and community organizations.

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Al Carroll: Abortion ban could harm talent recruitment efforts

In a time when competition for talent is at its highest, Indiana cannot afford to legislate itself toward irrelevance in the eyes of millions of working people across the country. A 2021 survey from the Tara Health Foundation found that 64% of professionals would not apply for a job in any state that passed an abortion ban.

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Letters: Spend surplus on K-12, higher education

Indiana should offer the first year of community college at no cost to every high school graduate, regardless of their graduating GPA, and the second year at no additional cost for students who achieved a 2.5 GPA in their first year.

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