Indianapolis Business Journal

JULY 24-30, 2017

The parent company of Circle Centre mall’s sole anchor, Carson’s, is facing steep challenges, with some retail experts wondering whether it will be the next big chain to collapse. Scott Olson delved into new questions about the mall's future. Also in this issue, Anthony Schoettle examines the challenges for the Pacers’ season-ticket push with an overhauled roster that’s short one superstar. And in A&E Etc., Lou Harry reviews a new Greek cuisine option on Mass Ave.

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$20M hotel to be loaded with eateries

Ironworks Hotel Indy will feature 15,000 square feet of street-level retail space, including Blue Sushi Sake Grill, Massage Heights and Cunningham Restaurant Group’s Rize. Cunningham also will operate Provision in second-floor retail space.

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LETTER: Vouchers’ effectiveness completely unproven

Basically, we have a one-party political state that holds itself up as being conservative yet we continue to take millions of dollars out of the public school system and plow it in to vouchers and charter schools without any significant, measurable, or quantifiable increase in student achievement.

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