Indianapolis Business Journal

JULY 6-12, 2015

Patients from around the country have filed 100 lawsuits against Bloomington-based Cook Group Inc., alleging serious problems with some of its blood-clot filters. In this week’s issue, J.K. Wall takes a closer look at the consolidated case and the bigger issue of how medical device firms handle the increasing burden of product litigation. Also this week, Scott Olson tees up a dispute developing near a northside golf course that could be replaced by an apartment community. And in A&E Etc., Mike Lopresti checks back in with Chris Holtmann, the latest in a long line of Butler University coaching phenoms.

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Cook deluged by product lawsuits

Patients from around the country have filed 100 lawsuits against Bloomington-based Cook, alleging that some of its blood-clot filters have broken apart, moved or poked through the blood vessel where they are implanted.

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Brownsburg entrepreneur is a cryogenic-tooth-banking pioneer

Michael A. Byers’ Tooth Bank is one of a tiny group of U.S. companies catering to the latest iteration of stem cell therapy: harvesting stem cells from the pulp inside baby teeth and extracted wisdom teeth, then culturing, freezing and storing them at a cryostorage facility for later use.

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EDITORIAL: Design is key for Pulliam Square

In the case of Pulliam Square, Indianapolis must be extraordinarily vigilant. The city’s own design guidelines call for special scrutiny of buildings that face the five-block stretch of parks and memorials.

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Language degraded value of Cultural Trail

Calling the Cultural Trail a “$63 million sidewalk” undercuts its true impact as an internationally recognized, urban pedestrian and bicycle pathway that cities from all over the world are hoping to replicate.

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