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JUNE 28-JULY 4, 2010

This week, find out the latest in the Fair Finance bankruptcy case and see how the city is doing at meeting Mayor Greg Ballard's mandate to do more business with veterans. In Focus, read about Buckingham Cos.' ambitious redevelopment project proposed for a downtown parking lot. And in A&E, Lou Harry shares 100 thoughts on the Indianapolis Museum of Art's new 100 Acres art and nature park.

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Plug-in car startup breaks all the rules

Wabash-based ClearFlex Automotive is using off-the-shelf technology to design a 2010 Ford Focus plug-in electric vehicle,
powered entirely by lead acid batteries. The company is gearing up for initial production of up to three vehicles a day.

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Hospital jobs keep growing in recession

Hospitals continued to be a stable and slightly growing source of jobs and wages in Indiana—for better and for worse.
The sector paid $7.3 billion to 127,000 Hoosiers in 2008, according to the latest data from the American Hospital Association.

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Indiana municipal bonds are faring well

The “Investing” column of June 14, “Municipal bond defaults might be next crisis,” raises some valid
points, but portrays municipal bonds in such a manner that is too general.

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