Indianapolis Business Journal

JUNE 30-JULY 6, 2014

In this week's issue, Dan Human pops the top on federal securities filings and finds that Indiana breweries and distilleries are taking full advantage of the private investment market and the romance of the microbrew trend. Speaking of new trends, Andrea Davis explores the fast-growing sport FootGolf and how it's giving some Indiana courses a swift kick in revenue. And in Focus, Scott Olson explains how the tastes of homebuyers have changed since the recession.

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City quietly scales back World Sports Park

Indianapolis is reining in costs and dialing back ambition at the new east-side World Sports Park. The park, which will be home to one of the few premier cricket fields in the United States, is coming in about $1 million under its $6 million budget because it will have fewer features than planned.

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East-side associations fight gas-station plan

A property owner’s plans to convert the northwest corner of East 10th Street and Emerson Avenue into a convenience store and gas station are causing consternation among neighborhood leaders who hope to stop the project.

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Reimbursement snag trips up local DNA testing firm

Strand Diagnostics LLC’s Know Error test uses DNA analysis to make sure a tissue sample that has been declared cancerous does, indeed, belong to the patient doctors think it does. But Strand is having trouble convincing Medicare that the test is medically necessary.

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At-Home Quarterly Marketplace

See the prices Indianapolis-area houses are selling for along with the most expensive recent sale, and a map of where people born out of state are most likely to live.

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KENNEDY: Maybe it’s a systems failure

Next weekend is the Fourth of July. Along with the barbecues, parades and neighborhood get-togethers, we’ll hear speeches about Truth, Justice and the American Way. We might raise a toast to the Founders, and count ourselves fortunate to live in a (mostly still) democratic country.

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PHILLIPS: Indiana is lab of life sciences innovation

Indiana is in the midst of a revolution and it’s not what you think. It’s not politics, open-wheel racing or even basketball. This revolution is about creating a sustainable health care model for personal wellness and economic growth.

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WIBC slides further into ‘have it your way’ news

News is supposed to bring us facts even if they challenge our preconceptions. As two towering statesmen—Democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Republican James R. Schlesinger—said, we are all entitled to our own opinions, but not our own facts.

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Moves to improve Americans’ income

Burn both the federal and state individual income tax codes and give each income-receiving American citizen a $50,000 standard deduction while keeping current dependent exemptions.

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Solidly conservative

I favor lower taxes, strong morality and work ethics, family values and an ability to defend my family—all hallmarks of extremists.

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Agency opposes hike for electric cars

David Stippler, whose job is to advocate for utility consumers, thinks Mayor Greg Ballard’s quest to have Indianapolis Power & Light customers pay the startup costs for an electric-car-sharing service sets a dangerous precedent.

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