Indianapolis Business Journal

JUNE 7-13, 2010

This week, read about the U.S. Tennis Association's attempt to save some of IUPUI's courts from the wrecking ball and see what Bloomington's Campus Candy has planned for the coming years. Also, Greg Andrews takes a look at securities filings that shed light on the possibilities for Emmis Communications Corp. And in Focus, check out an urban farmer who's making hay in Indianapolis.

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SHOBERT: Could new model save manufacturing?

On my most recent trip to China, it was not without some heaviness of heart that I again found myself comparing the newness
of the country’s infrastructure—and the teeming activity that seems to have enveloped this part of the world—with
much of what I see, or do not, around Indiana and the United States.

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Bardon was key to new legislation

I enjoyed your coverage [in the Mat 24 Banking and Finance Focus] of new Indiana legislation promoting traditional mortgages and increasing the protection afforded
to deposits of state and local funds.

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