Indianapolis Business Journal

MARCH 15-21, 2010

This week, see how a natural disaster is reshaping the Johnson County town of Franklin—complete with a video tour of its redevelopment areas. In Focus, check out a big battle that's heating up between community banks and their national brethren. And in A&E, etc., Style columnist Gabrielle Poshadlo provides a sneak peak at the sixth annual Midwest Fashion Week, including a slide show featuring some of the designs that will be showcased.

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Bars should cater to smokers, too

I am replying to the article in the March 1 IBJ where [Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association President
Don] Welsh made his nebulous claims that Indy’s weak smoking ban hurts his ability to market the city to visitors and
convention business.

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With President Obama looking to squeeze a bit more revenue out of the pharmaceutical industry, the stakes just keep getting higher for Eli Lilly and Co.’s efforts to develop drugs faster and cheaper. Lilly is already trying to shave a year or more off the time it takes the company’s scientists to turn a newly […]

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