Indianapolis Business Journal

MARCH 2-8, 2018

This week, Hayleigh Colombo examines Gov. Eric Holcomb's international economic-development strategy, which in 2017 helped reap 40 trade deals and capital projects totaling $1.87 billion. Also in this issue, John Russell takes a look at the headway IndyGo is making in efforts to improve the health of its drivers and control insurance costs. In addition, Scott Olson takes a look at the high-stakes upcoming season for IndyCar.

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Biglari works his critics into an uproar—again

Sardar Biglari might talk a good game about being a champion of shareholders, but his biggest critics view him as a hypocrite—thanks to a series of moves that furthered his control over the business, the latest of which has spurred one lawsuit and seems sure to spark others.

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MANZO: Construction wage repeal hasn’t delivered as promised

New research from the Midwest Economic Policy Institute and Colorado State University economist Kevin Duncan has found that repeal of Indiana’s prevailing wage law has not only shrunk wages and increased income inequality, it has failed to make construction projects any cheaper.

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