Indianapolis Business Journal

MARCH 20-26, 2017

Last year, 31 donors gave big gifts to Indiana not-for-profits, totaling $267 million and setting several records for individual groups. Lindsey Erdody takes stock of a banner year in philanthropy and explains how the biggest deals took shape. Also in this week’s issue, Scott Olson reports that Marsh Supermarkets appears poised for retrenchment, based on the number of lawsuits targeting the chain for unpaid rent. And in A&E Etc., dining critic Lou Harry reviews The Nook in Broad Ripple.

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David Simon: Sky-is-falling perception ‘ridiculous’

A Wall Street analyst said turnover among retailers actually creates opportunity for Simon Property Group—enabling it to replace underperforming department stores with an eclectic mix of restaurants, movie theaters and other entertainment venues that pay higher rent and boost customer traffic.

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MEREDITH: Bill would help kids experiencing trauma

Young children exposed to five or more significant adverse experiences—like physical abuse, crime, hunger and bullying—in the first three years of childhood face a 76 percent likelihood of having one or more delays in their language, emotional or brain development.

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Airport needs to keep all moving walkways

In the proposed upgrades to the airport [ Feb. 25], PLEASE don’t remove any of the moving walkways to make room for changes. Anywhere people need to go in the airport is a long walk and those that can’t walk fast or very well really need the moving walkways! We don’t need a motorized cart, […]

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Make efficiency priority in expanding bus fleet

I have carefully watched buses passing me many years and have never seen more than five passengers. These zero to five passengers are in a monster vehicle, some doubles, that must be completely fuel-inefficient and costly to operate. I hope that the expansion of the fleet will be studied carefully for efficiency when spending our tax dollars [Transit […]

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Raise cigarette tax $1.50 per pack

Indiana is consistently ranked near the bottom of the 50 states for health, a statistic made worse because too many Hoosiers smoke. The Institute of Medicine says the most reliable method to reduce tobacco use is to increase the price of tobacco products, thus encouraging cessation and reducing the number of kids who start smoking. […]

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