Indianapolis Business Journal

MARCH 21-27, 2016

Fishers has become a mecca for tech companies, but it didn’t happen overnight and it didn’t happen by accident. Lindsey Erdody explains how Mayor Scott Fadness and launch Fishers CEO John Wechsler shaped an environment for supporting startups. Also in this week’s issue, Lou Harry talks with violinist Zach De Pue about his decision to leave Time for Three just as the group crossover group is developing a national reputation. And Jared Council reports on efforts to start coding programs for young girls and minorities.

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MADDOX: Trump’s better than Dairy Queen

By November, a majority will tire of Trump’s traveling show. To avoid a blowout, The Insulter-in-Chief will have to do more than continue to insult his opponents and make razor-thin policy statements that double as bumper stickers. 

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Sunday alcohol sales are long overdue

Mitch Roob's comments were accurate, based on logic, common sense, sound economic and free market principles and reflective of the desire of an overwhelming majority of Hoosiers—all factors that have been barred from the annual debate in the Statehouse.

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Democrats don’t have corner on compassion

I would only note that it is very telling when the Democrat front-runner for the presidency feels like she has to issue an apology to her supporters for saying nice things about former first lady Nancy Reagan.

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