Indianapolis Business Journal

MAY 12-18, 2014

This week, A&E Editor Lou Harry provides a sneak peek at the Indianapolis Zoo's $26 million orangutan center, which opens May 24, and Scott Olson uncovers a criminal inquiry of local developer HDC Mansur. In Focus, J.K. Wall gauges the progress of Indiana's life-sciences thrust. And see what IBJ thought of much-ballyhooed Tex-Mex newcomer Chuy's.

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With heat on company, ITT’s CEO Modany swings back

But in an interview with IBJ, ITT Educational Services CEO Kevin Modany asserted that for-profit colleges are a good deal, that they produce better results than community colleges, and that they are critical for the state and nation to close the skills gap among workers.

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Citizens deal is working

Recently, Citizens Energy Group received regulatory approval to raise rates [April 23 IBJ] to continue updating the community’s aging water and wastewater systems.

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