Indianapolis Business Journal

MAY 21-27, 2012

This week, read about Duke Realty's new vision for its massive Anson project and find out how Dan Laikin got FBI investigators interested in his friend Tim Durham's business dealings. In Focus, meet Danny Danielson, City Securities' 92-year-old co-chairman. And in A&E, Lou Harry raves about Chef Ryan Nelson's Late Harvest Kitchen.

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Binford-area neighborhood alliance upping ambitions

The two main retail centers in a northeast-side development area will be at 100-percent occupancy when Uncle Bill’s Pet Express opens in a small space at Binford Boulevard and 71st Street. Binford Area Growth and Revitalization, a super-neighborhood association better known as BRAG, began striving for this milestone in 2005.

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Biz boosters embrace One Click, but it’s no sure thing

Husband-and-wife entrepreneurs Randy and Angie Stocklin started Greenwood-based One Click Ventures out of their home with $20,000 in 2005. They now own a portfolio of niche retail websites, including, and, which brought $5.3 million in revenue last year.

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Indiana slips in life sciences funding

Indiana has taken “a giant step backward” in the availability of early-stage capital for life sciences companies, according to the Indiana Health Industry Forum—which also has a few ideas on how to reverse those developments.

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Ease off Luck coverage

I am as excited as the next fan about the selection of Andrew Luck to be the Colts’ new quarterback, but do we need 24/7 coverage [May 7]?

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