Indianapolis Business Journal

MAY 21-28, 2021

A major provider of renewable energy is planning a 200-megawatt solar farm that would be spread across 1,660 acres in Boone County. Kurt Christian explains why some landowners there have agreed to lease property to the company, while others are concerned about the solar array's impact on property values. Plus, Leslie Bonilla Muñiz writes about the quandary attorneys are facing as the Marion County courts prepare to move to a new Criminal Justice Campus about three miles out of downtown. And Kurt Christian details a Hamilton County plan to coordinate career and technical education offerings among several districts.

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Editorial: It’s time for city’s mask mandate to go

The CDC said last week that it’s safe for vaccinated people to be indoors without masks, prompting a number of communities that have imposed even stricter limits than Indianapolis to eliminate their mandates for face coverings and limits on the number of people who can gather indoors.

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