Indianapolis Business Journal

MAY 9-15, 2011

This week, see how HHGregg stock is faring as the retailer expands its geographic footprint and read about what's ahead for the next leader of Indianapolis' public library system. In Focus, find out why the Barnes & Thornburg law firm is going west. And see what topics are on columnists' minds in Forefront.

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President transforms workplace culture at Farmers Bank

Few bank presidents gather their employees once a week and pass out plastic clapping hands to keep the beat to music pulsing full volume through the lobby. Fewer still climb atop a customer-service counter to open the early-morning pep rally with a full grin. Karen Miller does both.

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Watchdog: State agency heads colluded on gas deal

Former Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission chief David Hardy and the state's then-finance director, Jennifer Alvey, improperly discussed the merits of a $6.9 billion contract the Indiana Finance Authority ultimately struck with operators of the Indiana Gasification plant proposed for Rockport, plant opponents alleged Monday.

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Vouchers muddy church, state

In response to the [May 2] editorial “Education bills rise above legislative noise,” I have to agree wholeheartedly that there is no question that the status quo is not working.

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Open the Circle to food trucks

Here’s an opportunity to enliven the city with al fresco dining in a spectacular yet casual party-like atmosphere amidst the architectural splendor of Monument Circle.

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