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OCTOBER 1-7, 2012

This week, find out why a Six Sigma guru is poring over the city budget and read about Indiana Rail Road's plans for a downtown terminal. In Focus, see what old-school strategy insurers and hospitals are considering bringing back. And our Forefront columnists weigh in on topics ranging from campaign-finance laws to college preparedness.

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WellPoint likely to go outside for chief

While WellPoint Inc. and its predecessors have a history of grooming new CEOs in-house, the next leader of the health insurance giant is likely to be an outsider, according to interviews with more than a half dozen former directors and officers of the company.

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Local pilot turns aerobatics into satisfying ‘jobby’

Billy Werth’s passion for flying has landed him two jobs that pay the bills–as commercial pilot with Chautauqua Airlines and a major in the Air Force Reserves at Grissom Air Reserve Base in Peru. His third job is just for fun. Since 2006, Werth has owned an acrobatic flying company called Grayout Aerosports.

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Bill for Medicaid expansion? $516M a year

If Indiana expands its Medicaid program as called for under President Obama’s health reform law, it likely will hike state spending on the program an extra 13.5 percent—or $516 million annually—by 2020, according to the latest projections from Seattle-based actuarial firm Milliman Inc.

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Group aims to cut costs of late-stage drugs

You know things are bad in the fiercely competitive pharma industry when drugmakers start turning to each other for help. But that’s exactly what happened last week when 10 major drug companies—including Eli Lilly and Co.—joined forces to cut costs out of clinical trials.

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RUSTHOVEN: The ‘Hee Haw’ candidate distorts again

John Gregg is at it again. In a gubernatorial campaign marked by dishonest attacks on GOP nominee Mike Pence, Gregg’s newest ad shows him under an umbrella with water running off it. Gregg, speaking in Mr. Folksy mode, tells us Pence wants to spend Indiana’s entire “rainy day” fund. Citing his experience as former Vincennes University president, Mr. Folksy warns this is a bad idea, one more way Pence threatens education.

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More credits for Denison growth

We want to thank IBJ for the [Sept. 24] profile of Denison Parking. While Denison’s partnership with the citizens of Indianapolis was highlighted in the article, our partnership with Hal Darring and Global Parking was left unpublished.

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Pancake too thin

I know Rex Early is a loyal Republican but I was surprised of his [Sept. 1 column] support for Mourdock. While he may tell it as he sees it, he fails to understand it is a mighty thin pancake that does not have two sides.

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PROXY CORNER: KAR Auction Services Inc.

KAR Auction Services Inc. is the holding company for ADESA Inc., which operates used-vehicle auctions at 68 locations, Insurance Auto Auctions Inc., which operates salvage auctions at 161 locations, and Automotive Finance Corp., which provides floorplan financing at 104 locations.

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