Indianapolis Business Journal

OCTOBER 10-16, 2011

This week, see what's on the drawing board for a downtown neighborhood dubbed "Little Five Points" and read about how Finish Line and HHGregg are stepping up their e-commerce efforts. In Focus, find out how various construction industry sectors are faring as the economy recovers. And in A&E, get the critics' picks for the Heartland Film Festival.

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Obama’s economy is working pretty well

Honestly, I tire of millionaires [Oct. 3 Rusthoven Viewpoint] telling the rest of us how we should appreciate the tax breaks and low rates they pay and how this will benefit society, economy, jobs, etc.

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Tea Partiers misread

Ann DeLaney [letters, Sept. 26] cites a study by university professors to justify her position and that of U.S. Rep. Andre Carson that the Tea Party is “racist.”

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