Indianapolis Business Journal

OCTOBER 3-9, 2011

This week, find out why Rolls-Royce Corp. is bringing a new production line to Indianapolis and what inspired Fifth Third Bank to make a $5 million gift to Wishard Memorial Hospital. In Focus, we report on why the nursing shortage is expected to get worse after abating during the recession. Also check out Who's Who in Education.

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Solar farm is a tax

The fundamental economic principle behind this project is outrageous and unjustifiable payments to be made by IPL to the airport (and by extension, the project developer/operator) under its “Renewable Energy Production” tariff.

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Insurance column made good points

Anita Woudenberg’s [Sept. 12 Forefront column] made a lot of good points about how Hoosiers can solve our own insurance problems in a less-expensive manner than that of a federal mandate.

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Kostas is the real deal

I was amused after reading the Sept. 26 letter to the editor from District 4 Republican City-County Councilor Christine Scales.

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