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OCTOBER 8-14, 2012

This week, find out how city leaders are making sure expanding Indianapolis' downtown TIF district will mean more jobs for residents. And see what IndyCar officials think about the series' future. In Focus, read about a new vision for local waterways. And in A&E, Lou Harry weighs in on the Phoenix Theatre's past, present and future.

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St. Vincent, Community team up, forming colossus

Three area hospital groups—St. Vincent Health, Community Health Network and Suburban Health Organization—have agreed to join forces to manage patients’ health and strike new kinds of contracts with employers and health insurers.

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Gubernatorial rivals eager to cut taxes

Indiana’s major-party candidates for governor can’t bestow a job upon every unemployed Hoosier, but each has offered what he considers the next-best thing: at least $500 million in tax cuts.

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Resurgent Pacers see lift in ticket sales

The Indiana Pacers continued scoring long after last season ended in the second round of the NBA playoffs. The Pacers sales staff hit high-water marks during the off-season that the franchise hasn’t seen in five years. And with almost four weeks until the regular-season home opener Nov. 3, the Pacers are shooting for more.

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City asks developers to make local hires in downtown TIF

Indianapolis city-county councilors hope expanding the downtown TIF district will mean more jobs for their constituents. Developers, city contractors and other firms benefiting from the expanded economic-development zone must try to ensure that 40 percent of their work force comes from within the expanded TIF area.

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IndyCar execs say distractions mask progress

IndyCar Series officials insist the open-wheel circuit is on the right track despite a drop in its television ratings, tepid attendance and persistent rumors that it will be sold and its CEO will be fired.

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Judge tosses out lawsuit blasting Irwin executives

A judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by Irwin Financial Corp.'s bankruptcy trustee, saying the only party with the right to bring suit was the bank’s receiver, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. It didn't do so by last month's deadline.

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MORRIS: Republicans face hard Senate choice

One prime example of a candidate who promises more gridlock in Washington can be found right here in Indiana. Of course, you know I’m speaking of Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Richard Mourdock.

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KENNEDY: Phoenix stays true to its mission

In this space, I’ve referenced studies confirming the “instrumental” value of the arts—especially economic growth and better academic performance. A new study from Rand argues for greater recognition of the intrinsic benefits as well: growth in individual capacities such as empathy for other peoples and cultures, enhanced powers of observation, and fuller understanding of the world in which we live.

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TEASLEY: Extend clarity to vouchers, charters

State schools superintendent Tony Bennett was right to celebrate the achievements of the past three years of his administration during his recent State of Education address. He made it clear that all Indiana schools are now a “school of choice” and that access to most any school is now an option for all Hoosiers.

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Article overlooked part-time MBAs

A [Sept. 10] article cited evidence of a drop in MBA applications as part of a nationwide trend among prominent business schools. While the article specifically names decreases in applications to highly regarded MBA programs at Indiana University and Purdue University, it overlooks the significant growth within part-time MBA programs like the one offered here at the IU Kelley School of Business in downtown Indianapolis.

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Vote for change

The recession was not caused by George W. Bush. It was caused by liberal sub-prime mortgage practices at financial institutions, backed by government-sponsored Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac since 1993. The independent Federal Reserve System saved the banks, but in addition to foreclosures, millions of home values are now worth less than the mortgages owed.

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Sledge’s exit will keep IU program mostly intact

The departure of Dr. George Sledge likely will sap the breast cancer research program at the Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center of about $500,000 in annual funding. But the program Sledge built over the past three decades mostly will remain intact.

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Gerdt Furniture closing Castleton location

The 26-year-old store at 8602 Allisonville Road is liquidating its merchandise and is marking down prices as much as 70 percent. Gerdt’s original and lone remaining store, in Southport, will stay open.

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