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SEPT. 26-OCT. 2, 2011

This week, meet Michael A. Carroll Award winner John Thompson and find out why city boosters would do well to root for a Bears-Jets Super Bowl matchup. In Focus, see what tech companies were seeded by 1990s succcess Software Artistry. Also, check out Forefront and our Meeting & Event Planning Guide.

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Fish farming could become $1B industry in Indiana

Current estimates place annual revenue for Indiana fish farming at just a few million dollars. But some believe the state’s central location, abundant land and water supplies, and relatively benign regulatory environment could foster a $1 billion industry in the next 10 years.

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Some NFL teams would make for a more lucrative Super Bowl

A 2012 Super Bowl between the Chicago Bears and New York Jets is one of the matchups that would give local businesses plenty to cheer about, experts say. National Football League officials have told Indianapolis to expect 150,000 visitors for the Super Bowl. If two prime teams make it, the number will be closer to 250,000.

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John Thompson preaches the possible, leads by example

John Thompson’s humble approach to community service has earned him the distinction of being the 18th recipient of IBJ’s Michael A. Carroll Award, given annually to a man or woman who has demonstrated the former deputy mayor’s qualities of determination, humility and devotion to the community.

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Believe Kostas: Vote for Scales

After reading the [Sept. 12] Viewpoint by Kostas Poulakidas, I can only conclude that I will receive his vote in the Nov. 8 municipal elections. I am exactly what Kostas is looking for in a city-county councilor.

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Assumptions hurt Libman, others

When any president or CEO leaves, a review and audit are routinely done to reassure the organization that all was handled correctly and that there was no illegal behavior, so they can move forward with a new leader.

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