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SEPTEMBER 1-7, 2014

The Indiana Blood Center is set to lose more than one-third of its revenue early next year as some big hospital clients defect to the American Red Cross. J.K. Wall explains how the 62-year-old institution plans to reinvent itself. Also this week, Anthony Schoettle provides the view from the stands as Indy's pro sports franchise all post attendance gains. Is the city's fan base becoming overextended? And be sure to catch Lou Harry's Arts & Entertainment Season Preview, available in your subscription copy or in IBJ at newsstands.

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Large crowds buoying pro sports teams

There’s never been a better time to be a professional sports franchise operator in Indianapolis. Season-ticket renewal rates and attendance are near record levels. But some observers wonder whether too much of a good thing could turn into a bad thing if spending on sports outruns growth in the local economy.

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Infighting bogs down digital billboards

Marion County is an untapped market for digital billboards despite years of lobbying by sign companies, and it’s not because of political opposition to the large, lighted signs. What’s holding back changes to the city code is industry feuding over the form of regulations that could determine their future market share.

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Hicks: Liberalism on campus is mostly irrelevant

That academia is a creature of the left is hardly in question. Voting patterns and political contributions of professors are widely studied, and astonishingly leftist. Diversity efforts seek to build a cadre of people who look different but think exactly alike. Still, I wonder how much it really matters.

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Study Indianapolis criminal justice center

The IBJ is correct [Aug. 18 editorial]. There are too many unanswered questions about the proposed half-billion-dollar criminal justice center and the little-tested public/private partnership (P3) contracting model under which a private consortium would design, build, finance, maintain and operate the facility in return for predetermined annual payments.

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Daniels attacks bloat

Lucky are we that Mitch Daniels is helping Purdue return to the premier, student-centered university it once was.

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Pence should own up

Apparently Mickey Maurer hit a nerve in his Aug. 18 column regarding Pence’s position on children looking for a better life [Pence letter, Aug. 25].

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PROXY CORNER: Republic Airways Holdings Inc.

Indianapolis-based Republic Airways Holdings Inc. provides scheduled passenger services on approximately 1,390 flights daily to 118 cities in the U.S. and Canada through flights operated under airline partner brands including American Eagle, Delta Connection, United Express and US Airways Express.

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