Indianapolis Business Journal

SEPTEMBER 5-11, 2011

This week, compare and contrast the economic development strategies of Indy’s mayoral candidates and find out why locally based Kite Realty Group can’t get any respect from investors, despite an improved balance sheet and bright future. Lou Harry lays out all of your options in IBJ’s exhaustive Arts & Entertainment Preview, and Bill Benner hopes the Colts can replicate the same serendipity this year that brought the Butler Bulldogs to Indianapolis for a championship game.

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Refrigerant company fights EPA over rules

Jim Tieken, a former refrigeration repairman, invented an alternative to the coolant Freon when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency banned it in the mid-1990s. But his company might be unable to continue making that alternative, Hot Shot, because of cap-and-trade burdens, according to a letter Tieken sent the EPA in May.

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Lawyer: Expect more hospital-doc lawsuits

With hospitals having scooped up hundreds of physicians in the past three years—putting nearly all of them under non-compete agreements—there are bound to be legal tussles when some of those physicians decide their new matches aren’t exactly made in heaven.

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