Indianapolis Business Journal

AUGUST 15-21, 2011

This week, find out how Habitat for Humanity is responding to the housing-market crash and read about a local adventurer whose exploits reach 95 million American households. Greg Andrews' Behind the News column explores the market turmoil's possible effect on initial public offerings. And in A&E, Lou Harry shares his game finds from the annual GenCon convention.

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Young’s debt vote cost Hoosiers dearly

In his [Aug. 8 op-ed], U.S. Rep. Todd Young spins his recent irresponsible actions in delaying the increase in the debt limit as “a meaningful and responsible first step on the path back to economic health.”

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Hicks calculations wouldn’t pan out

In his [July 30] commentary, Michael Hicks suggests that the $1.6 trillion of U.S. Treasury Securities held by the Federal Reserve be wiped out (since they are debts the U.S. owes itself) and thus eliminate 11 percent of our total national debt.

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Pence would shred social safety net

Pence Haven’t we heard this song before? Congressman Mike Pence, who is running for governor, has proposed that the way to job growth is to reduce Indiana’s already anemic receipts from corporate taxes. Pence has an almost abiding, religious faith and hope in the willingness of Wall Street to create jobs and opportunity. To paraphrase […]

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Don’t overlook the rowing center

While we at the Indianapolis Rowing Center applaud Bill Benner’s [July 23 column] call for attention to the crumbling infrastructure of our city’s amateur sports facilities, we’d like to add one bright spot—the rowing center.

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IndyGo seeks funding traction

The Indianapolis Public Transportation Corp. has budgeted expenses of $57 million for 2012, but officials expect a revenue shortfall of $6.4 million because of drops in federal, state and local funding.

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