Indianapolis Business Journal

DECEMBER 15-21, 2014

Hamilton County leaders are asking state legislators for relief from the law that requires all capital projects more than $12 million be put to a vote. Andrea Davis examines the debate over referendums and the need to keep government entities from overspending. Also this week, Kathleen McLaughlin quantifies the narrow demographics of General Assembly members. In A&E Etc., Lou Harry dives into the offerings at Borel’s Cajun & Creole Cookery on the northwest side.

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City plans new TIF to boost west side

Indianapolis planners say the city needs another $7.1 million to prepare the former Central State Hospital campus for redevelopment, but they’re out of resources. A proposal to raise those funds via a new tax-increment financing district around the 142-acre site is moving through the Indianapolis City-County Council with bipartisan support.

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MORRIS: Lamkin deserving of Whistler award

I’m fortunate in my job to meet and get to know some extraordinary people. Martha Lamkin is one of those special people who continue to inspire others with tireless community service efforts.

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HICKS: Politics is driving the minimum wage push

Wages are largely determined by labor markets. So, if the minimum wage is set above the market wage, some workers will lose jobs while some will be better paid. There is no disagreement by anyone with a modest understanding of the matter, but low-paid jobs are not the issue.

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Bring local workers into job projects

There are many things about representing Indianapolis that make me proud. However, we are still using limited tax dollars to incentivize out-of-state contractors to hire out-of-state workers to build right here in Indianapolis.

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A qualified vote for mail-in voting

“Mail-in voting” has many merits [Ryerson Viewpoint, Dec. 8]. I find it a bit strange here in Indiana that there seems to be a lack of well documented, well publicized information prior to any election.

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