Indianapolis Business Journal

DECEMBER 4-10, 2017

Three residential projects planned south of bustling Massachusetts Avenue could bring about $25 million of new investment and even more density to the growing area. Scott Olson has details. Also in this week’s issue, Susan Orr examines the central challenge facing car-sharing program BlueIndy: How do you succeed when so many potential customers are unaware of, uninterested in, or even intimidated by what you’re trying to sell? And in A&E Etc., Lou Harry attempts to achieve a peak experience at TopGolf.

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Cook Group starting expansion project

Medical-device maker Cook Group expects to start work this month on an expansion project as it takes over the former General Electric refrigerator factory in Bloomington. Cook spokeswoman Marsha Lovejoy said her company should soon complete its purchase of the factory, which shut down last year. Cook announced in September it would buy the 70-acre […]

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EDITORIAL: Downtown worth extra investment

While we support creating an EID and applaud Downtown Indy’s championing of the effort, we understand the reluctance of some property owners to support it until they get a clearer explanation of how the money would be used.

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VIEWPOINT: When government abdicates responsibility

Consumers Union is only one of the numerous consumer organizations opposed to repealing net neutrality. These organizations warn that, without net neutrality, internet service providers will raise prices and—even more troubling—give preferential treatment to favored sites and apps.

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Tax credit means poor pay no income taxes

I enjoyed reading the article “No enthusiasm for cuts among those not taxed” by Cecil Bohanon and Nick Curott in the Indianapolis Business Journal [Nov. 20].  An additional note that I have never heard mentioned on the topic is the impact of refundable earned income tax credits. I don’t think most people are aware that many low-income individuals […]

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Andre Lacy obit photo

Business leader, philanthropist Andre Lacy dies at 78

Andre B. Lacy was known for his prolific work on corporate boards and as an active leader of several influential civic organizations. But he is likely to be best remembered for his recent philanthropy, which included a $25 million gift to Butler University’s college of business.

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