Indianapolis Business Journal

DECEMBER 5-11, 2011

This week, see how area grant-makers are adapting to the post-recession "normal" and read why neighbors are fighting a gas station proposed for the intersection of 16th Street and Central Avenue. In Focus, find out how Kokomo is faring as Chrysler continues to invest in the auto town. And in A&E, see what Lou Harry thought of a couple restaurant refills.

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Labor deal not a panacea for Pacers

Sports business experts with knowledge of the new collective bargaining agreement expected to be ratified by NBA owners and players this week think it will push the Indiana Pacers toward breaking even but won’t ensure the team’s long-term profitability.

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Neighbors oppose gas station at 16th and Central

Residents of an area near the intersection of Central Avenue and 16th Street are sparring with owners of a site on its northwest corner who want to build a gas station there. The neighbors had other hopes for the spot, as part of their plans for a pedestrian-friendly 16th Street corridor.

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Grant-makers adapt to post-recession normal

After the financial crisis of 2008, foundations in Indiana and across the country set up special relief funds for their communities. Ongoing support for the one formed in Indianapolis is just one sign of how the poor economy is still influencing grant-makers’ decisions.

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Patent reform helps small firms

Kristin Jones’ Nov. 26 column, “Patent reform is mixed bag for life sciences,” offered views on the impact of the new patent law, the America Invents Act, on large and small life sciences companies in Indiana.

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Smoking column hit the target

Thanks so much for Mickey Maurer’s Nov. 28 “Mayor, Read the Smoke Signals” column. I still cannot believe that Indianapolis and indeed, the entire state can be so backward related to creating a smoke-free environment.

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Right-to-work view was appalling

It is stunning to read the editorial position [Nov. 28] of the foremost business journal in Indiana that cautions against “right-to-work” legislation. Perhaps the writer forgets that Indiana has a 9-percent unemployment rate.

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NFP of NOTE: Concord Neighborhood Center

Concord Neighborhood Center offers a variety of educational, health, social and recreational activities to neighborhood residents of all ages and collaborates with other agencies to provide decentralized or special services for the community.

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