Indianapolis Business Journal

FEBRUARY 13-19, 2017

IBJ is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Forty Under 40 feature with a class culled from our most nominees ever. You can see the whole package, including video extras and special insights into the most impactful books and mentors, by clicking here. Also in this week’s issue, Susan Orr explains how federal inaction on a $75 million grant is complicating a City-County Council decision about a tax increase for public transit. And Greg Andrews explains how HHGregg CEO Robert Riesbeck is handling challenges at the struggling retailer.

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LETTER: Use DNA to solve crimes

Do you need a 100 percent guarantee that it will solve every crime before you’re willing to consider keeping DNA from suspects who aren’t convicted?

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LETTER: IEDC has training program

Rather than creating a new incentive program, a much more potent, effective and readily available solution already exists: Simply increase funding to Indiana’s Skills Enhancement Fund.

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Anthem vows to appeal ruling blocking $48B Cigna purchase

While Anthem said it was “significantly disappointed” by the judge’s order and would seek an expedited appeal, Cigna said only that it “intends to carefully review the opinion and evaluate its options in accordance with the merger agreement.”

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