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A real estate company that is a newcomer to Indianapolis is making a splash with a $260 million development proposal for a site that Indianapolis Public Schools is selling. Find out more about Hendricks Commercial Properties and the money behind it. Also read about the struggles ahead as the city works to find new uses for the Carrier HVAC plant. In addition, read about a red-hot maker of miniature replicas of cars from film and TV, including "Blues Brothers" and "Starsky and Hutch."

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Recycling industry buffeted by falling prices

With prices tumbling for scrap metal, used paper and old plastic bottles, recycling firms around Indiana are watching revenue drop. Most are working harder to find buyers that will pay a decent price for their truckloads of materials. Some are idling operations.

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Manufacturer turns tiny cars into big business

GreenLight Collectibles—a maker and wholesaler of replica cars, trucks, boats, trailers and other diminutive look-alikes—has managed to gain speed with growing revenue and new distribution deals—all while many of its competitors have hit the wall.

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Indy officials chase nonstop flight to London

Landing the nonstop flight to one of the busiest airports in the world—and a major international hub—would be a boon for Indianapolis International Airport, which is highly rated for its quality but has been criticized by businesses for its lackluster selection of international nonstop destinations.

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Maurer’s Pence column may change few minds

The joy of owning the IBJ must reside in your being given the every-other-week opportunity to write what you think, sensing somewhere out there someone will listen … someone will care … someone will come to your point of view.

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