Indianapolis Business Journal

JANUARY 11-17, 2010

This week, Greg Andrews reports some potentially heartening news for investors in Tim Durham's Fair Finance Co. who fear they've lost their nest eggs: Not all such cases end badly. Also, sports-business reporter Anthony Schoettle explores the impact Mark Patrick's return to the airwaves might have on local sports-talk radio and health care reporter J.K. Wall takes a look at proposed legislation that would allow physicians to limit the number of patients they accept from a health insurer. And in A&E, etc., we head north to Carmel for a quick course in Pizzology

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MARCUS: Indiana third-worst in pay growth

Our legislators are reconvening in Indianapolis to “do the people’s business.” What they do actually
is send tremors though the fiscal foundations of our state. Households and businesses cannot figure out our tax structure
or our spending priorities.

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SKARBECK: Looking at stocks, 10 years at a time

During this century’s first decade, investors had to cope with the uncertainties surrounding 9/11; huge corporate failures
including Enron, Worldcom, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Lehman Brothers; and volatility wrought by both the tech and housing

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Not all charities should survive

My letter is in response to Kathleen McLaughlin’s excellent [Dec. 28] article, “Charity mergers scarce.” While
all of the comments shared are well-considered, the elephant in the room is nonprofit closures.

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Here are some ways to help the CIB

Is there enough money coming in to keep the city’s world-class sports facilities maintained, pay them off, put enough away for
the inevitable refurbishing that they will need over time and also promote Indianapolis?

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Smoking should be part of health reform

As Congress debates health care reform, it’s easy to lose sight of what we agree on—and what we know works
to prevent disease and lower costs. Helping people quit smoking and keeping young people from starting are proven ways to
reduce the awful toll of cancer, heart attacks and other serious illnesses.

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Children’s Bureau consolidates

The Children’s Bureau Inc. has moved into offices in the Gene Glick Family Support Center.
The move represents the first time in 50 years that Children’s Bureau administrators have worked in the same building
houses their programs for families and children in crisis.

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PROXY CORNER: Zimmer Holdings Inc.

Zimmer Holdings Inc. develops, manufactures
and markets orthopedic and dental reconstructive implants, spinal implants, trauma products and other related surgical products.

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