Indianapolis Business Journal

JANUARY 25-31, 2010

This week, read about how universities are responding to escalating coaches salaries. We also have a report on a new logistics company backed by a high-profile lineup of investors, including Brightpoint Inc. and Stephen Hilbert. A&E, etc. weighs in with another pizza restaurant review, and critic Lou Harry laments the rules violations he witnessed at the Harlem Globetrotters game.


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MARCUS: Is health care reform socialism?

The time is coming when everyone will recognize that, as every structure in a city is entitled fire department services, so,
too, each individual should receive appropriate health care, whether or not he or she can pay for it.

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Bring back IBJ stock charts

Your decision to discontinue the printing of stock prices and economic activity charts, as announced in your Jan. 17 issue,
was extremely disappointing to us as well as, surely, to other paid subscribers.

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Why more taxes for education?

Re: Bruce Hetrick’s [Jan. 11 column] “Hey kids! Come and get your pound of flesh,” at first I was stunned.
Then I was speechless. After that I was just plain mad.

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Concert review was right on

Since I canâ??t summarize this exciting four-plus-hour [Hoosier Dylan] concert nearly as well as [the Jan. 18 Louâ??s Views column], I will merely agree with you verbatim on your precise review—including your disappointment with Indianaâ??s poet laureate.

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Are fans ready to forgive Polian?

By the time the next IBJ hits the newsstands we’ll know whether it’s the Colts or The Team the Colts
Enabled (the Jets) that will be playing in the Super Bowl.

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