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JULY 30-AUGUST 5, 2012

This week, find out how a new multi-employer clinic in downtown Indianapolis could help small businesses boost their health benefits and read about a shift in strategy that's driving up public pension management fees. In Focus, see how Indiana's life science firms are rethinking innovation. And in A&E, Lou Harry reflects on our heroes and villians.

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Public safety due for budget cuts, mayor says

Public safety and criminal justice are the only places left in the city-county budgets to look for ways to close a $27 million spending gap for 2013. Sheriff, police, fire and court budgets account for 85 percent of the $569 million general fund.

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Web startup aims to connect private businesses, investors

Private firms that need to raise relatively modest amounts of capital have a hard time finding money. Now three Indianapolis entrepreneurs think they have the answer: crowdfunding. Individuals make small investments that are aggregated to fund a business. Indianapolis-based Localstake wants to be the matchmaker.

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Suburban hospitals charm patients

A little extra Medicare money will flow to suburban hospitals in the Indianapolis area, based on recent patient satisfaction scores. But hospitals in the core of Indianapolis—and hospitals that do significant amounts of teaching medical students—may take a hit.

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‘Pocket guide’ was spin

Rather than a pocket guide to the Supreme Court ruling (it did accomplish that, sort of) [Rusthoven, July 9], this is a pocket guide to the laboriously crafted Republican response to the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act.

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Kennedy wrong on Sharia

Sheila Kennedy [July 16] discusses the Islam of her imagination, the Islam of every progressive’s dreams, Islam without several of its crucial features and articles of belief—holy war, martyrdom and the treatment of non-believers.

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Kennedy misunderstands Sharia law

Sheila Suess Kennedy’s July 16 op-ed “This time, Sharia law misunderstood” contains numerous misconceptions and errors about the legislation she purports to address, American Laws for American Courts (ALAC). Space permits me to address only three.

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Unleash Indy 500 cars

Great [July 9 Styring column] on the Speedway. I hope those in control of that magnificent and historic venue take those thoughts to mind. He who builds the fastest car wins. Let them build the fastest car.

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Cross leaves legacy

On behalf of the Fairbanks Hospital board of directors, I want to commend IBJ for its July 9 article about Helene Cross and her remarkable leadership as president and CEO of Fairbanks.

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NFP of NOTE: Trusted Mentors

Trusted Mentors uses the power of mentoring to help adults establish stable lives by reducing the chaos brought about by poverty, homelessness, underemployment and the effects of incarceration.

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