Indianapolis Business Journal

JUNE 10-16, 2013

This week, Scott Olson reveals that Columbus-based manufacturing giant Cummins Inc. is interested in expanding its presence in Indianapolis and constructing its own office building downtown. Potentially as large as 70,000 square feet, the building would allow Cummins to grow its visibility in the state's largest city. Also in thsi issue, IBJ presents a profile of dynamic philanthropist Marianne Glick, this year's winner of the Michael A. Carroll Award. And in A&E, Lou Harry has the scoop on the latest features at Conner Prairie Interactive History Park, including a precursor to baseball called "Rounders."

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Local entrepreneur Dragoo takes helm of national group

Already one of the most influential women entrepreneurs in the country, Billie Dragoo will work herself even deeper into professional networking in July as she takes a new role as board chairwoman for the National Association of Women Business Owners. She hopes the connections she’s made over 18 years in business for herself will benefit the group’s members.

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Kim: How studying goalkeeping can improve your investing

Soccer in the United States has exploded in popularity among fans and participants. With the Indiana University men’s team winning its eighth national title last December and the Indy Eleven professional team getting ready to compete next April, soccer is only going to get bigger here. Unlike regular-season games, tournament games can’t end in a […]

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Hicks: Attractive places help Indiana grow faster

I am often asked to explain why more and better local amenities matter to job creation. It is a simple concept, really. Families make choices about where to live based upon a variety of factors, including playgrounds, safe and attractive neighborhoods, and recreational activities. They will sacrifice to obtain these things, commute long distances and even forgo higher wages.

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Trends can misguide

Who does [Mickey Maurer] admire more, a man of principle and conviction or a man who sways with political winds [May 27 Commentary]?

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How to fix the Indy 500

The Indianapolis 500 is still the biggest, most spine-tingling deal of all sporting events. So, why the downturn in worldwide excitement? There are a number of reasons:

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IDI seeking input for strategy

Velocity, the downtown strategic planning project launched by Indianapolis Downtown Inc., is holding a series of neighborhood roundtable meetings in June to gather input about the future of downtown and surrounding neighborhoods.

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