Indianapolis Business Journal

June 15-21, 2015

Add another worry for players in Indy's hyper-competitive TV broadcasting business: Nielsen is planning a big change to how it computes audience numbers. In this week's IBJ, Anthony Schoettle unpacks the potential pitfalls. Also this week, Lou Harry looks at the ambitious plans of arts group Big Car to transform a south-side neighborhood. And Sam Stall has a story you won't want to miss on a Shelby County fix-it man who keeps typewriters clacking.

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Fix-it man keeps typewriters clacking

Terry Vorten witnessed firsthand the death throes of a once-world-beating analog technology—the typewriter. Its destruction turned his lucrative profession repairing the machines into an anachronistic cottage industry.

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SKARBECK: Sizzling Chinese stocks should spook investors

Chinese stocks have been on a tear. Last week, China’s Shanghai Composite Index rose 8.9 percent. In the last year, the Chinese market has jumped 150 percent. No other major stock market has ever grown this much in dollar value over 12 months. Since the beginning of 2015, the Chinese stock market has doubled in […]

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Science backs creationism

Inside our museum, we present the compelling evidence that dinosaurs have lived in recent times, which supports the biblical narrative.

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Not all creationists alike

In Mr. Maurer’s last two paragraphs, he says it is impossible to debate gay marriage with a creationist and that “this group voted 100 percent for RFRA in our state Legislature.”

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High-profile broker Buck faces rash of complaints

Thomas J. Buck, who was fired by Merrill Lynch in March and hired by RBC Wealth Management in April, received five complaints from investors between March 23 and May 4, according to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

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