Indianapolis Business Journal

JUNE 20-26, 2016

A decade-long struggle by Zionsville to keep Wal-Mart outside the town’s boundaries might be coming to an end. Lindsey Erdody details the ruling that will pave the way into the wealthy burg. Also in this week’s issue, John Russell reports on the mounting number of lawsuits plaguing Cook Medical related to its blood-clot filters. And in A&E Etc., we have a double-shot for fans of the Windy City. Lou Harry reviews the new Rush on Main eatery in Zionsville, and Mike Lopresti checks in with gleeful by wary Cubs fans.

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HOOSIER BEACONS: Red Skelton, comedian and painter

Skelton was a master of pantomime and physical comedy, and his many lovable characters included Clem Kadiddlehopper, a country bumpkin; Freddie the Freeloader, a hobo who struggled to avoid arrest for vagrancy; and Gertrude and Heathcliff, two cross-eyed seagulls.

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KENNEDY: An election year like few others

This November, Indiana will either re-elect Gov. Mike Pence or replace him with Democrat John Gregg. If The Donald’s candidacy is causing heartburn for many long-term Republicans, the prospect of four more years of Pence is experienced as equally unnerving.

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ROKITA: Nutrition aid needs common-sense reforms

Under current school nutrition rules, schools can be reimbursed by taxpayers for offering meal assistance to every student even if a mere 40 percent are eligible. By increasing that requirement to 60 percent, we make sure that a majority of students qualify for the taxpayer-subsidized meal before taxpayers pay for all students to receive them.

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Nightingale: State erred in report about problems

On behalf of Nightingale Home Healthcare Inc. and its employees, I want to set the record straight. Since I was unable to respond earlier because of court proceedings, I’m submitting this to help provide facts that dispute what was reported and then publicized.

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IBJ wins six national awards for business coverage

The annual AABP Editorial Excellence competition recognizes print and online writing, photography and design by regional business publications. IBJ competes against business journals from Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and other major cities.

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