Indianapolis Business Journal

JUNE 26-JULY 2, 2017

Indiana might be landlocked by most definitions but its waterborne cargo traffic still ranks 11th in the nation. Susan Orr reports that its position might rise if the state expands its port system as planned. Also in this week’s issue, Lindsey Erdody examines how a little-known consultant who lives outside of New York City promotes the city of Carmel to the national and global media. And in A&E Etc., Lou Harry reviews the new Fountain Square eatery Sidekick’s Pizza.

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Lilly, Pfizer get boost for non-opioid pain drug

The companies say the drug, now in late-stage clinical trials, could be more effective for pain treatment than opioids—a dangerous category of pain killers that includes hydrocodone, morphine and fentanyl—without the abuse potential of such medications.

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St. Clair Place neighborhood aims to mix it up

Most of the homes not-for-profit NEAR develops in the area are priced below market and sold to lower-income buyers. But it has constructed a handful of houses aimed at market-rate buyers, demonstrating the faith it and other builders have in the neighborhood.

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