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JUNE 9-15, 2014

Heading into summer concert season, Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville has a tough act to follow: itself. Andrea Davis reports that ticket sales have soared in the last couple of years, thanks to imaginative marketing, patron-friendly features and a savvier concert industry. Also this week, Scott Olson details the return of restaurateur Peter George, who’s opening a new eatery on 16th Street. And in A&E, Lou Harry hits Mass Ave to study the second location for Carmel’s Pizzology.

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Crowds rocking at Klipsch Music Center following slump

The amphitheater sold almost 570,000 tickets to 34 shows last year, the most in recent history, as the live-entertainment industry rebounded from a recession-related slump. Ticket sales at Klipsch were up 60 percent from 2011, when it scheduled about 10 fewer events.

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Zoo adopts variable-pricing strategy for tickets

The Indianapolis Zoo last month dumped its old model of set ticket prices and installed a variable model—a first for the industry and one with mostly higher prices—to correspond with the opening of its orangutan exhibit.

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Housing developer hopes farm hooks new residents

A growing number of housing developers thinks farms, rather than golf clubs, are the perfect hook to lure residents. The first to experiment with the concept in central Indiana is Mike Higbee of Central Greens LLC, with his Seven Steeples Farm on the site of the old Central State Hospital.

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ExactTarget execs: Expect smooth transition

Outgoing CEO Scott Dorsey wants to spend time with his four daughters, focus on mentoring young entrepreneurs, and maybe travel a little for leisure. His successor, longtime executive Scott McCorkle, plans to keep the company focused on email, even as the firm adds a broader suite of digital marketing services.

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EDITORIAL: Students need more advice

If you’re not certain whether a school counselor’s primary duty is to review college-application letters, work with troubled students, or proctor AP testing, you’re not alone.

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Kim: What is insider trading? It’s time for clear answer

Illegal insider trading generally refers to buying or selling a stock, in breach of a duty of trust and confidence, while in possession of “material, non-public information” about the stock. This also can apply if the person possessing the information (the “tipper”) passes along the information to a “tippee,” who then trades the stock. Steve […]

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Hicks: Technology might be suppressing robust growth

Quarter after quarter of booming growth, seen for several decades, might have slowed permanently. The 2000s saw only five rapid-growth quarters, and this decade has had two. It might mean that higher average growth rates are more difficult to achieve due to structural changes in the economy related to technology.

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Replace Delph with Ford

As a resident new to Indiana, I have been troubled by news reports pertaining to state Sen. Mike Delph. His Twitter rants and public statements to media were published repeatedly, but there was nothing newsworthy about them.

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More women needed in IBJ news sections

Most weeks, I flip through IBJ and ponder why I see so few female faces pictured in the news sections. There are plenty of female faces in the People section. Surely some of them have something newsworthy to say?

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Stay open to other views

Bruce Hetrick’s [May 26 Viewpoint] on living and learning in silos not only is something that I completely agree with, but I found myself having the same exact conversation with clients and friends.

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PROXY CORNER: Cummins Inc.

Columbus, Ind.-based Cummins Inc. designs and manufactures diesel engines for automotive and industrial markets. It also provides filtration, exhaust and electronics systems, natural gas engines and engine components.

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