Indianapolis Business Journal

MARCH 1-7, 2019

The Indy Eleven appears to face long odds in landing a Major League Soccer franchise, a requirement the team needs to meet under pending state legislation to get more than $100 million for a stadium. Anthony Schoettle reports on the obstacles in the team’s way. Also this week, Greg Andrews has a terrific piece about the final days of Indianapolis-based HHGregg Inc. and allegations that it continued to take customer deposits on merchandise long after executives had cause to doubt it could fulfill the orders. And Susan Orr reports that hundreds of current and former members of the military have filed lawsuits against an Indianapolis maker of earplugs that were supposed to protect them from explosive combat noise.

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Indiana on the right path in rethinking tourism approach

Last fall's state-commissioned report on Indiana’s tourism industry was upbeat, declaring “there is no single overt or monstrous problem that needs to be solved within the state’s tourism framework.” That’s the nature of state reports—no one wants to cast aspersions on the gains achieved by managers and rank-and-file employees in the state’s Office of Tourism […]

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KENNEDY: Legislators ignore their constituents—again

This is the fourth year Indiana’s legislators have been asked to enact a bias-crimes bill. As proponents have pointed out, ours is one of only five states without such a law. As the business community has testified, the impression that Indiana is a state unfriendly to minorities—an impression that “went viral” during Gov. Mike Pence’s […]

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Letter: Indiana’s forests are in good hands

The Division of Forestry, staffed by real foresters, has no intention of liquidating our state forests. That would make no sense. The forest products industry gains nothing by lowering hardwood values and cutting away their futures.

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Indiana’s kids can’t wait

What if you could give hope to a sick child? Or save a baby’s life? What if you could arrest childhood cancer? These are questions we are posing as Riley Children’s Foundation launches “Be the Hope NOW: The Campaign for Kids.” As one of the nation’s leaders in pediatric medicine, Riley Hospital for Children at […]

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Not-for-profits should prepare for volunteers

I read Maggie Phelps’ recent In the Workplace column [Let’s become better-quality volunteers, Jan. 4] with great interest. Although she briefly touched upon a not-for-profit’s responsibility, I do not think she presented the case impartially by looking through the eyes of the volunteer. I have volunteered repeatedly for very worthy causes—from the Pan Am games […]

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