Indianapolis Business Journal

MARCH 7-13, 2016

The problems at Tindley Accelerated Schools didn’t go away when Chancellor Marcus Robinson resigned. If anything, the change served only to highlight the challenges still facing the once-lauded charter school system, Hayleigh Colombo reports. Also in this week’s issue, John Russell looks deeper into the Athlete’s Business Network and the credentials of its management team members as the group proposes a $500 million sports-medicine complex. And in A&E Etc., Mike Lopresti runs some intriguing scenarios for Indiana teams during March Madness.

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Lily and Madeleine

Musicians Lily & Madeleine evolving from niche act to stardom

Seeing Madeleine and Lilly Jurkiewicz backstage before a performance, you might think they are preparing for a college talent night. But the sisters are launching a tour in support of their third album, one that could make the difference between a future as an indie niche act or a breakout success.

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Is Indy holding back its kids?

Each year children spend growing up in the Indianapolis area causes them to fall further and further behind their peers nationally in future earnings potential.

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Bond bank will manage Carmel debt

Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard is trying to streamline the city’s debt management with a new Local Public Improvement Bond Bank. But it’s not clear whether his method in creating the bond bank, his choices for key positions, and his proposed combination of smaller bonds follow state guidelines and best practices.

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Indiana has fewer banks, but employment inching up

While the number of Indiana banks continues to decline, the number of workers they employ appears on the rebound. The number of federally insured institutions in Indiana stood at 119 at the end of 2015, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., down 31 percent since 2006. Full-time-equivalent employees at these banks, meanwhile, reached a […]

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