Indianapolis Business Journal

MAY 24-30, 2019

This week, John Russell tries to get to the bottom of plans for a 60,000-square-foot rehab hospital in Carmel that was announced earlier this month but without a filed site plan, building permits or construction schedule. The two out-of-state companies that say they’re partnering on the project raise red flags, including a history of mass layoffs and and accusations of kickbacks and insurance fraud. Also in this week’s paper, Anthony Schoettle explores how local TV stations are adjusting to a huge demographic deficit in news viewership. Just in the last two years, viewership in the 18 to 34 age range has plummeted for evening and nighttime newscasts. And Mickey Shuey details the Indiana Fever’s plans to rebuild after two lackluster seasons.

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BitLoft opens new Carmel office, grows staff

BitLoft, a local technology development firm, expanded its central Indiana footprint with an additional 7,200-square-foot location in Carmel. BitLoft recently added 10 employees and the company isn’t done growing.

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Alex Jorck: Alternatives to Green New Deal in a changing climate

The excellent research coming out of Purdue University’s Climate Change Research Center shows climate change is reducing our air and water quality, decreasing productivity of agricultural crops such as corn and soybeans, and causing record-breaking heat waves and more flooding. These negative impacts and others will only accelerate through the century, meaning inaction is an irresponsible and costly choice.

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We aren’t a theocracy

The Daniel Initiative as described by Curt Smith [Connecting churches with their communities, Forefront, May 10] poses threats to real religious freedom and civic involvement. Smith says Indiana’s Daniel Initiative derives from a similar undertaking in Iowa called The Family Leader. Here’s just one of many positions found on The Family Leader’s website: The Family […]

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Spend money on Earth

I read with interest Bill Oesterle’s recent op-ed [Let’s get audacious and shoot for the stars—literally, Forefront, May 10]. I find it odd that Mr. Oesterle would casually dismiss needed infrastructure improvements as “big spending.” Would anyone argue that our country’s infrastructure doesn’t need improvement? There’s a reason congressional Democrats and the Trump administration came […]

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