Indianapolis Business Journal

NOV. 30-DEC. 6, 2009

This week, find out what prompted a major donor to leave the Indianapolis Museum of Art board of directors. Also, read about the growing popularity of hidden 'nanny' cams. In Small Biz, check out whether the recession is affecting sales of small business. And in A&E, see what Lou Harry has to say about the new Steve McQueen biography.

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EDITORIAL: Airport vendors deserve a break

Concessionaires at Indianapolis International Airport are asking the Airport Authority for relief from a policy that requires them to price their goods at a level
consistent with what consumers pay at non-airport retailers. We agree the airport shops need a break.

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MARCUS: ‘Tis the season to spend responsibly

Initially, I was going to write this week about the innumerable foolish purchases we could make this holiday season. As
I looked through the Sunday newspaper, I felt overwhelmed by the advertisements that offered such deliciously dumb items as
a singing toothbrush holder.

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RHODES: Volunteering offers huge payback

On any given day in Indianapolis, hundreds of people will volunteer their time tutoring children, stocking food pantry
shelves, raising funds and providing leadership for not-for-profit organizations that are making a difference in our community.

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Meeting Palin was honor

My family and I don’t follow sports. We don’t know current actors or
television shows. What excites us is conservative politics.

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