Indianapolis Business Journal

NOVEMBER 10-16, 2014

The $175 million Center for Performing Arts was in danger of becoming an albatross for Carmel after its debut some four years ago. Thanks to new leadership and a strategic plan, it has closed its books on its 2013-14 season with a profit. Andrea Davis details even more ambitious plans to boost fundraising and audience engagement. Also this week, Jared Council profiles a new app from Indiana developers that blends all aspects of music consumption, and Lou Harry drops in on The Grub House, a new greasy spoon.

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Indy hospitality chief: “We’re at tipping point on taxes.”

In September 2013, veteran lobbyist Patrick Tamm became president of the Indiana Restaurant & Lodging Association, replacing longtime industry advocate John Livengood. Tamm’s hire came eight months after IRLA was formed by merging the Indiana Hotel & Lodging Association and the Indiana Restaurant Association, both of which Livengood served as president since 1998.

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So much for compromise

Leave it to the Senate’s lone Socialist, Vermont’s Bernie Sanders, to offer the most supercilious analysis of Nov. 4’s decisive Republican sweep. Americans, says Sanders, just voted for something “very different from what they want and need.” ’Atta boy, Bernie. Gotta love it when leftists react to a drubbing by reverting to “vanguard of the […]

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HATHAWAY: Indiana is the state for women

A recent study concluded that Indiana is the eighth-worst state for women. Using their metrics for what makes a state good for my gender, the study was accurate. We have plenty of work to do to make Indiana better for women, but I believe there are more metrics for success and those were summarily ignored by this study.

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Kim: Active stock managers face stiff headwinds in 2014

While the Dow Jones industrial average and Standard & Poor’s 500 index reached record highs on the last day of October, most active stock managers have struggled in 2014. One of the primary difficulties has been the wide divergence in performance between the largest-capitalization and smaller-capitalization stocks.

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Voters need information

I voted Tuesday. But does my vote count? Or rather, should it? I did not help make our government better by voting. I doubt that 90-plus percent of others did, either.

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